Store managers, enhance your scheduling

Smart Scheduling Analyzer helps you to create schedules that efficiently utilize your team and optimize your retail performance

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Smart Scheduling Analyzer has been designed to make your scheduling more powerful, by helping you on optimizing and planning your staff and resources.

It is designed to supplement your current scheduling tool or practices, by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyze and process your retail performance data, such as your traffic pattern. Smart Scheduling Analyzer helps you to maximize opportunities for customer conversion by aligning staffing with traffic.

Inpired by store managers Build for store managers

No effort

No need to install or develop anything. It leverages your existing data, such as your traffic counter, traffic simulator or your punch in / punch out data.


Recommandations are actionable, based on the feedback from the store managers on how they are creating employees’ schedules and managing their staff and shifts.

For every store

Smart Scheduling Analyzer will work whether your store is on the street, in a department store or in a mall. It is made for every physical distribution channel.

On demand

Smart Scheduling Analyzer can be used only when you think it is necessary, it is a pay-per-use principle, with no commitments.

Store managers : increase the customer experience and measure your retail performance

Recommendations are customer driven. Smart Scheduling Analyzer makes sure you always have the optimal staffing to deliver the best customer experience. The tool helps you to make sure that you have the right resources at the right time to provide the best in-store customer journey. Get started now

Improve your operations and increase staff satisfaction

By making the best staffing choices, the solution contribute to your workforce optimization, using the right amount of staff at the right time Reduce staff overload and stress during peak times, increasing the overall on-the-floor performance and sales.

Maximize your store performance

Analytics are using state-of-the-art algorithms to make sure we have the best staff-traffic balance and improve at the same time the store sales performance. Smart Scheduling Analyzer is a lever to boost your sales and increase the performance of your store, by perfectly planning and optimizing your staff. Get started now

A retail innovation

SBT Human(s) Matter has an extensive experience in the retail industry, supporting store managers in increasing the performance of their store.

We build and leverage the latest retail performance technology and solutions, and bring it ready-to-use to improve your retail operations.