Improve your store analytics with Smart Scheduling Analyzer, reach optimal staffing and drive store sales

Leverage smart staffing to improve store analytics

Smart Scheduling Analyzer equips you with state-of-the-art retail analytics to optimize staffing across your stores’ network by aligning it with traffic patterns.

Its’ algorithms are modelled around data patterns from different retail industries, to transform your traditional POS into smart stores. The tool does the hard work of crunching data and gives you actionable insights on how to drive sales and increase conversion rate. Get started now

Providing new intelligence to build data driven stores

Data driven clienteling

Analyze key data from the stores such as traffic pattern, transactions, punch-in punch-out data and see how the sales staff can drive sales of your products.

Visual guidance

Take advantage of an interactive custom dashboards displaying the key KPIs of your store network, highlighting how, when and where you can optimize staff shifts to drive sales.


Smart Scheduling Analyzer can be used for few stores or for the entire network, 100% pay-per-use, with no commitments.

State-of-the-art analytics

Smart Scheduling Analyzer the latest algorithms to predict how your decisions will impact performances.  

Your hardware & data, our analysis & guidance

Smart Scheduling Analyzer brings a new set of retail innovation & store analytics to you: by modelling schedule plans, traffic patterns and purchase data, it provides you new retail intelligence showing how to optimize your workforce to match store needs.

Results show how the solution can decrease staff overload and stress during peak times, while increasing the overall on-the-floor performance. Get started now

Maximize data driven insights

You will leverage actionable recommendations from traffic analysis and have access to a KPI dashboard to improve performance with a tailor-made analysis of your stores.

State-of the-art technology

Smart Scheduling Analyzer is a SBT Human(s) Matter retail innovation, leveraging our latest retail technology to equip you with best in class analytics.

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A retail innovation through data driven stores

SBT Human(s) Matter has an extensive experience in the retail industry, supporting store managers in optimizing their store analytics. We build and leverage the latest retail technology and solutions, and bring it ready-to-use to improve your retail operations.