Enhance your ways of working: Achieve better balance at work through effective retail innovation and better staffing plan

Smart Scheduling Analyzer helps you create the best staffing plan for your store by balancing your workload and letting you focus on what matters the most: helping clients.

The solution is designed to supplement your current scheduling tool and determine the optimal level of resources at any moment of the week. By analyzing the traffic patterns of your store and providing you specific recommendations for the scheduling plan, you will achieve increased flexibility and better balance during working hours. Get started now

Retail innovation that helps you balance your workload and deliver a better in-store experience

Innovation at your fingerprints

No need to install software or new technologies: it leverages existing data, such as transactions and punch-in punch-out data.


Receive recommendations on what is the optimal staffing plan for your store to match customer needs.

On demand

Smart Scheduling Analyzer can be used when you think it is necessary, 100% pay-per-use, with no commitments.

Increase your satisfaction at work with a better staffing plan

By making the best staffing plan choices, the solution helps to optimize your time in the store, reducing workload and stress during peak times.

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Maximize customer support

Smart Scheduling Analyzer tells you how to better allocate resources by optimizing schedule and daily shifts so you can focus on customer experience and support.

Ensure that you have the right resources at the right time, while avoiding overstaffing during low hours.

Understand retail best practices

Get a better understanding of what are the traffic patterns in your store and on how you can contribute to improve outdated and ineffective practices at the workplace.

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A retail innovation

SBT Human(s) Matter has an extensive experience in the retail industry, supporting store managers in increasing the performance of their store. We build and leverage the latest retail technology and solutions, and bring it ready-to-use to improve your retail operations.